Questions and Answers

- How Can You Offer Free Hosting?
We generate revenues from other related services (domain registration, upgrading....) and advertisements on our site. .

- Do you provide MySQL databases and PHP?
Yes, we do provide php access and one MySQL database. More databases are FREELY available upon request and justification.

- How about your server?
Our servers either DUAL XEON servers or P4 3.0G with 99.9% uptime.

- Do you provide any support?
We provide support through public forum and email for free hosting. Ticket system is for paid hosting only.

- What Type Of Content Is NOT Allowed?
We do not accept the following:

- Child Pornography and Racism
-Mass email or mailing list; - Unlicensed Content: if you are not licensed to redistribute or don't legally own it, don't post it.
- Spam Content: no unsolicited emails, post to newsgroups, instant messages, etc...

- How Do I Upload My Files?
Upon completing your new sign up, you will be given your username and password for you to FTP to our servers or simply use the browser-based file Manager which can be found in your user console when you login to it. You can find most FTP software from ones are Cuteftp, Coffecup Ftp).

- How Much Bandwidth Do I Get?
10GB per month, more FREE bandwidth upon request

- Are There Any File Size Restrictions?
Yes, you should not require more than 1MB for each file size - this is more than enough for all files.

- What Does My Home URL Look Like?
If you account name was XXX, then your home URL would be

- What If I Forget My Password?
Please access:

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