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Welcome to MyFreeWebs. MyFreeWebs provides every member with 100MB of FREE space to host a web site of their own. All we ask in return is that you follow a few simple rules. So before you create your first page here at MyFreeWebs, please be sure you have read, and understood, these Terms and Conditions. Members who do not follow rules and regulations could find their entire web site removed and/or deleted, possibly without prior notice. The interpretation of these guidelines is at the sole discretion of MyFreeWebs:

  1. MyFreeWebs is capable of giving away 200MB (more upon request, virtually UNLIMITED) of free web space thanks to the sponsorship of our advertisers. In return, each page that you create MAY have an advertising text ad or banner automatically inserted into it. You may not attempt to remove, resize so as to render invisible or unreadable, or otherwise block any of the ads that MyFreeWebs inserts onto your web pages;
  2. You must provide a valid email address and real personal info;
  3. MyFreeWebs is not responsible for the content of any personal home page, nor do the opinions or ideas expressed in user-generated web pages necessarily reflect those of MyFreeWebs. The contents of user-generated web pages are not reviewed or censored in any way before they appear on MyFreeWebs;
  4. You may not set up a "gateway" site on the MyFreeWebs server. A "gateway" site is one which serves only as an entrance to the actual site located on a non-MyFreeWebs server;
  5. Your page should be active - that is, it is either receiving 'hits' or is being updated/posted to. Sites that either receive no hits or are not updated over a period of 45 days will be considered 'inactive' and may be removed by MyFreeWebs to make room for other users;
  6. You may not use your web space to provide material, or links to material, that is grossly offensive to the Web community. This includes:
    • Blatant expressions of bigotry, racism, hatred, or profanity;
    • Promotion or display of instructional information supporting illegal activities; this includes, but is not limited to, instructions for the building or use of weapons, propagation of "spam" email and/or computer viruses, or any material that infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties;
    • Promotion of physical harm or injury against any group or individual;
  7. You may not password protect any link provided on any of your pages located on the MyFreeWebs server;
  8. Your Web Pages may not contain, nor contain links to, any of the following:
    • Child pornography, obscene material, bestiality and pictures that you don't have the right to publish.
    • Hate propaganda;
    • Anything illegal including, but not limited to, illegal software, warez or hacked software, serial numbers, mail fraud, or pyramid schemes;
    • Material insulting, or that could be considered defamatory or libelous, to other persons, institutions or companies;
    • Material that exploits children;
    • Material which attempts to collect personal information about users;
    • Materials infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties (including, but not limited to, trademarks, domain names, personality rights, names of individuals, publicity rights, logos, graphics, designs, films, and music), those which allow the circumvention of revenue rightfully due to a manufacturer for the sale of a product or the disabling of installed copy protected devices, and all other forms of cracker utilities, are strictly forbidden;
    • Any web proxy (http or ftp or any others......);
  9. You may not use your web space for 'data warehousing' ; that is, using our space as storage for large files which are only linked from other sites;
    • The following list of file types are the only file types permitted on MyFreeWebs members sites:

      js, swf, au, snd, mid, midi, ram, wav, gif, jpg, wrl, vrml, css, html, htm, rtf, png, psd, ico, doc, php, sql;

      Any other files located by MyFreeWebs will be automatically deleted.
    • The maximum upload file size is 1MB.
  10. You may not use unsolicited email to promote your site;
  11. MyFreeWebs reserves the right to block or delete any site due to inappropriate behavior by the webmaster towards MyFreeWebs, its staff or its users, which has been validated on public or private forums;
  12. You may not copy or reproduce any page, image or other content without the express prior consent of the original copyright owner of that content;
  13. By joining MyFreeWebs you automatically receive our MyFreeWebs E-News newsletter and occasional special promotions. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter by following the given instructions within the newsletter.
  14. By submitting a web page to MyFreeWebs or any other web page hosting service on The MyFreeWebs Network, you grant MyFreeWebs a royalty-free, nonexclusive, worldwide, unrestricted license to use, copy, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, create compilations including, and distribute such web page, and any associated Content, for the limited purposes of publishing and promoting the user's web page in connection with the particular service with which the user has chosen to have the web page hosted and for publishing and promoting such web page elsewhere within the MyFreeWebs Network. Such license shall apply with respect to any form, media, or technology now known or later developed. This term will extend only for the duration of the user's membership with the particular MyFreeWebs service. In the event that such membership is terminated, MyFreeWebs will relinquish all rights to the user's Content following the duration of any applicable promotional activities ongoing at the time the membership is terminated.
  15. If you are 13 years of age or under you may not become a member of MyFreeWebs The protection of children's online privacy is very important to The MyFreeWebs Network. For that reason, it is our policy not to collect or maintain information at our web sites from those we actually know are under 13 and no part of our web sites is structured to attract anyone under 13.




You, as the author of your pages, take full responsibility for its contents. As the author you state your page contains nothing illegal, obscene, pornographic, degrading or abusive to another person, including pages that promote hate group propaganda and child pornography. As the author, you also state that nothing on your page is copyrighted material and that any links to other servers have been approved by that organization. As the author, you also state that nothing on your page infringes on the intellectual property rights of any third party. You agree that MyFreeWebs has the right to remove any page it determines, in its sole discretion, has violated these rules to cancel your membersship and take against you whatever measures will be deemed appropriate including legal action and disclosing information about you to law enforcement authorities and other interested third parties. Members who are in breach of these rules agree to indemnify and hold harmless for any loss, claim, damage and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising from or in connection with the contents of any personal home pages or of any chat or messages on a bulletin board found to be infringing or illegal. By submitting your pages, you agree to all the above terms.

MyFreeWebs makes no guarantee as to availability of service. To the fullest extent permissible by law, MyFreeWebs excludes all liability with respect to accuracy, content or availability of information on its web site. The materials in this site are provided "as is" and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. MyFreeWebs does not warrant that the function contained in the materials available on this web site will be uninterrupted or error free, that defects will be corrected, or that this site or the servers that make them available are free of viruses or other harmful components. Any merchandise products or services available to users or members from links from this web site are provided by third parties who are not necessarily affiliated or connected with MyFreeWebs. To the fullest extent permissible by law, excludes all liability under any circumstances (including negligence) for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the materials on this site. Applicable laws may not apply to all those who access the web site.

By becoming a Member, you agree to all the above terms.

We support your Freedom of Speech and expression; however, we ask that you understand that a responsibility is associated with this right.

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